About us


Our Vision


To avoid a lost generation by treating traumatized children to help bring their happiness back.



Our Mission

To provide a safe, nurturing environment to help Syrian refugees adjust to local host communities, achieve positive social and psychological results and mitigate PTSD relapses.


Our Story

Happiness Again was founded in 2014 and is run by the non-profit organization "Hamzet-Wasel for Social Development". We are currently managed by two Syrian women and are located in Amman, Jordan. 

Our children's center was developed and formalized in 2013 as a center for psychosocial development. Through the center we aspire to help distressed and traumatized children, and their families, through providing psychological and social support, medical aid, and education about rights and responsibilities.

Meet Our Team

Happiness Again team is composed of professionals from various fields, dedicated to helping children build for themselves a better life.

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