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TRT World (a Turkish international news channel broadcast 24-hours per day in English. The news channel is based in Istanbul.)

The war in Syria has also created vast numbers of children who have been scarred or orphaned by the conflict. And many of those who have lost one or both parents are now in Jordan. Francis Collings reports from the Jordanian capital Amman.

Documentary about Layla Midani, CEO and co-founder of Happiness Again in Amman Jordan.

Happiness Again was founded in 2014 and is run by the non-profit organization "Hamzet-Wasel for Social Development", focusing on helping traumatized children that were affected by the wars, by providing psycho-social supports.

Article about Happiness Again Traumazentrum (Traumatisms Center)


Susanne Attassi, co-founder and manager of Happiness again is being interviewed by our partner Omar Kassab from Syrian Refugee Crisis (SRC) and talks about the Happiness Again activities and projects.

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كيف يسعى مركز "السعادة مجدداً" لإعادة البسمة إلى الأطفال السوريين؟

متخصصة في الثقافة والمواضيع الاجتماعية

ماذا تريد أن تعمل عندما تكبر؟ حفّارا للقبور. أي هدية تتمنّين؟ أريد أن أرى البحر. هذه ليست أسطراً من سيناريو في أحد الأفلام الدرامية لا بل تمنيّات أطفال سوريين لم يعرفوا في حياتهم إلا الحرب والدمار؛ أطفال تهّجروا من مختلف المناطق السورية التي دمّرتها الحرب المتواصلة ووجدوا أنفسهم في الأردن، في مجتمع لا يعرفونه وفي بيئة غريبة عنهم.

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Local students volunteer with doctors in Syria

The Syrian refugee crisis is now recognized as the largest of our time. Two Pensacola teens just got back from a medical mission, working with refugees in Jordan.

Noor Rifai and Ellen Ryan are International Baccalaureate students at Pensacola High School. For 10 days in January, they helped volunteer doctors from the Syrian American Medical Society treat more than 4,000 patients.

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