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459 children received therapy and...


67 mothers could heal their psychological trauma and re-insert society through work

7899 lunches and breakfasts served.


12 patients received hospital treatments .


The tragic wars in the Middle East has caused extremely negative physical and psychological outcomes on the people.

Many have fled the war zone and sought refuge in neighboring countries including Jordan.


Happiness Again is currently working in 4 main program areas using a multi-disciplinary approach to deliver Support, Treatment, facilitate reintegration and raise awareness.


Children's Program

This program focuses on children aged from six through twelve who have been physically ans psychologically traumatized either directly or  indirectly by the Syrian crisis.

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Youth Program

This project is currently a six-week program of psychological support for teenagers. This includes a series of therapy-focused activities and lectures and will be extended into a three month session.

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Women's Program

This project provides psychological support to help the mothers of the children. These women attend their own twelve-week course which includes psychosocial evaluations...

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Home Visits

Home visits are the center's most recent project. As a result of the stigma associated with mental health issues in communities in the Middle East...

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Syrian Refugee Crisis

Rotary Club of Amman


George Mason University

King's Academy

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